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There are many ways to get involved at the Maisons-sur-Mer. One way is to join a committee. Contact any of the committee chairs listed below if you are interesting in serving.

AMENITIES & ENTERTAINMENT – Recommend and book entertainment, evaluate and make recommendations with

regard to Food & Beverage, pool, tennis courts, health rooms, media room, and game room.

Committee Chair: Sandra Lucas-Hyde.

Additional Members: Susie Attenberger, Marilyn Brugler, Chris Fleishman, Buddy Gaither, June Gaither, Phyllis Johnson, Robbie Sparkes, Beth Sumner, Steve Sumner, and Tom Vivirito
Additional Volunteers: Sarah Baucom, Sandy Brown, Glennon Kreher, Linda Zurolo

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW – Review homeowner applications for in-unit modifications to ensure compliance.

Committee Chair:  Glennon Kreher.

Additional Members: Carlos Cometto, Karl Wolf


BUILDING & GROUNDS – Review and make recommendations regarding building systems, upgrades and renovations, maintenance as well as landscape programs.

Committee Chair: Glennon Kreher.

Additional Members: Marilyn Brugler, Tucker Irizarry.


COMMUNICATIONS – Responsible for communications throughout the year to keep the Maisons community informed about the numerous activities, events, building facilities, and general homeowner documents provided by the building office administration. Maintenance of a website with weekly updates. Creation of a weekly newsletter that includes any activity or event updates.

Committee Co-Chairs: Sara Batla & Amanda Fitterer.

Additional Members: Debbie Houser, Sue Kreher, Cris Letourneau, Janet Levine


FINANCE, BUDGET & AUDIT – Evaluate the system of internal controls, financial management, reporting of financial results, and the annual processes of budgeting and audit.

Committee Chair: Paul Mengert.

Additional Members:  Joe Cappalonga

GUEST ROOM HOSPITALITY – Evaluate and make recommendations to ensure the best possible experience for those utilizing our guest apartments.

Committee Chair: Sandra Lucas-Hyde.

Additional Members: Susie Attenberger, Sandy Brown, Sarah Baucom, Beth Sumner, Linda Zurolo


HOMEOWNERS WHO RENT – Collaborate with other landlords and make recommendations about conditions, arrival and departure processes, and measures in support of rental activities.

Committee Chair: June Gaither.

Additional Members: Holly Baly, Chris Fleishman, Steve Hill, Jeff Spangler, Beth Sumner


INSURANCE – Review and recommend policies with regard to insurance coverages, remediation activities, and overall risk management.

Committee Chair: Tom Kritzell.

Additional Members: Paul Mengert, Robbie Sparkes, Beth Sumner, Cary Wilson


REAL ESTATE – Monitor and report status of unit listings and sales in addition to overall evaluation of competitive marketplace and owner financing.

Committee Chair: Robin Bailey-Miles.


SAFETY & SECURITY – Strive to protect the safety and security of all owners, employees, and visitors to Maisons. Monitor and secure all assets within the property.

Committee Chair: Dave Attenberger.

Additional Members: Beth Sumner, Tom Vivirito, Lonnie Wolf

If you would like to volunteer for a committee, please contact the Chairperson or our General Manager, Eric Ault, at and provide your contact information.

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