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Parking at Maisons sur Mer

Park head‐in in designated areas only. Do not back in. All renters are required to register their vehicle

with Security at check‐in and provide Security with a contact/cell phone number to be reached if

notification is needed. Guests and renters must display a temporary Parking Permit.

None of the following may be parked or stored on the property: junk vehicle; vehicle on which current

registration plates are not displayed; trailer; camper; camp truck; house trailer; boat; motor home bus;

or golf cart (limited to owners and long‐term lessees).

Except for visitor vehicles parked on the upper deck, all vehicles must display either an authorized

sticker on the right rear bumper or a beige, green or yellow temporary parking permit. Temporary

permits are issued at the lobby Security Station. Green permits are issued only to guests authorized by

the homeowner to use their Barcode for parking on the lower level. Beige permits are for upper deck

parking only. Yellow permits are for outside contractors. The pick‐up of all Barcode for rental units will

not be distributed/handled at the Security Station. It will be the homeowner's and the rental agencies

responsibility to provide all Barcodes to the renter.

Vehicles parked in the garage without a barcode and either a four (4) digit registration decal or a green

temporary parking pass will be booted and receive a warning. The second (2nd) violation will result in

the vehicle being booted and the homeowner charged a $25 fine. The third (3rd) violation will result in

the vehicle being booted and the homeowner charged a $50 fine. The fourth violation will result in the

vehicle being towed off the property. Parking on the lower level garage is limited to two (2) vehicles per


The Association maintains twelve (12) handicapped spaces. Seven (7) are on the lower level and five (5)

are on the upper deck close to the ramp entrances. These spaces are for use only under legitimate

handicap circumstances and a vehicle using one of such spaces must be appropriately tagged, stickered

or marked as a handicap vehicle.

All bicycles are required to be registered with the Front Office in order to obtain a parking sticker. These

requests must be made in person to ensure the correct bicycle has been identified.

If you have any additional questions, please see the Front Desk located in the Lobby Level.

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