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Bon Appetit



Weds - Sunday

8 AM - 11 AM


Weds - Saturday

12 PM - 2 PM


Weds - Sunday: 

5 PM to 8 PM

(Take Out from the Ocean Club)

This facility is located on the lobby level. Food purchased in the Bon Appetit during normal operating hours must be consumed in the restaurant or may be taken outside or to your unit but may not be taken into any other rooms (common areas) to be consumed, apart from the evening dinners that are served in the Club Room. 


The Bon Appetit Restaurant may be reserved by homeowners and long-term lessees for private functions only when using the services of the Food and Beverage Department. Arrangements for such functions must be made by contacting the Food and Beverage Manager in advance. 


Limited alcohol sales will be available in Bon Appetit and a corkage fee shall be charged to homeowners bringing their own wine into Lobby Level Common Areas during the hours Bon Appetit is open.


Ocean Club


Weds - Sunday

5 PM - 10 PM

(11PM Friday & Saturday)


Weds -  Sunday:

5 PM - 8 PM

The Ocean Club Lounge is located at the back of the lobby level. While it is permissible for a person under the age of twenty-one (21) to visit the Lounge, under no circumstances may such person purchase or consume an alcoholic beverage. The Ocean Club Lounge is a non-smoking environment. 


Dress clothes such as suits, ties and cocktail dresses are considered proper attire. Casual clothes, slacks or Bermuda shorts are also considered proper attire. Further definition of proper attire is noted on the sign leading to the Ocean Club. However, tank tops, tee shirts, net tops, cut offs, sweat pants, bathing suits, tennis shorts, or other athletic shorts are not permitted. No men are allowed to wear hats, of any type, in the dining room or the Ocean Club unless otherwise approved by management for specific events. No uncovered t- shirts are allowed in the dining room or the Ocean Club.


The Ocean Club Lounge may be reserved for private functions at hours it is not open for business by homeowners and tenants on not less than a thirty (30) day lease. Make arrangements for such functions by contacting the Management Office in advance. 


Pool Bar


The Pool Bar on the ground level by the swimming pool is open daily, weather permitting, from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Under no circumstances may a person under the age of twenty-one (21) purchase or consume an alcoholic beverage. When the Pool Bar is open, South Carolina ABC Regulations require all alcoholic beverages consumed in or around the Pool or Pool Bar to be purchased from the Pool Bar.


We will have entertainment and a cookout on Sunday and Memorial Day Monday and thereafter every Sunday throughout the summer. 

Food & Beverage Director - Marc Grande 843-449-4842 ext 2 or

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